Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lil' Cap'n Max, born Monday, signs with OU on Friday

Lil' Cap'n Max, born to Cap'n Mike and his wife Deanna on Monday, held a press conference on Friday afternoon to announce his signing with Origins Unknown for the 2028 season.

Max. the 21.5" shooting guard is said to have tremendous upside potential and is very long for his age of 5 days old. He currently averages 4 poops and 5 pees per day.

When asked about his future with OU, Max expressed excitement saying "aaaaaahhhhhhwwaaahhhhhhhhhh".

"Less-than-four" forfeit drops OU to 1-1

In a series of unfortunate (and one VERY fortunate) events, Origins Unknown was forced to forfeit their Thursday match up with the Hustlers. Three of the OU players couldn't make the game and without the requisite 4 starters, they were slapped with a "L" in only the second game of the session.

According to a report by Pete Martin, the Hustlers "hustled up some new talent, a couple short quick dudes, who might find their range. Still, the team is not threatening."

Cap'n Mike Nolan, commenting on the forfeit said, "I think these situations will ultimately make us a stronger organization. It is my job to take this in a lesson in communication, and ensure that it doesn't happen again. Now please let me get some sleep for crying out loud."

Lil' Cap'n Max is Born!

Cap'n Mike is pleased to announce the birth of his son, Max. Born Monday, February 13 at 8:44 pm, Max Joseph weighed 8 lbs 5 ozs and was 21.5 inches long. He and Mom, Deanna, are happy and healthy!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Origins Unknown vs Val Squad - Game Photos

Thursday Feb 9 - OU vs Val Squad

In their first game of the winter/spring session, Origins Unknown took control of the game early against a "deer in the headlights" Val Squad team and cruised to a 83-56 victory.

OU got off to a quick start through hot shooting and a committment to pushing the tempo. The game was never close and OU used a solid 6-man rotation to wear down the newbie VS team. Part-time OU member, Craig Andrews, joined the team for the game and helped spread the court and push the tempo throughout. VS showed some promise as they became more comfortable, with two of their players keeping pace with the veteran OU team. In the end, the balanced OU attack proved to be too much and VS had a rude introduction to league play.

Shu Patel had a great game and was able to get to the basket and score through a myriad of back-cuts and dribble moves. Jim "Stretch" Hogan also finished up with a double-double by abusing VS and finishing most of his shots around the basket. Dan Fisher had the silkiest move of the game, when he pulled a "Jordanesque" baseline fallaway jumper out of his bag of tricks (picture). Pete Martin came back from an extended vacation and played better than he felt.

Mike Nolan contributed to the victory with some pull-up three pointers and a botched dunk attempt. His wife, Deanna, was in attendance (even at a week late for the birth of our first baby) and took some game photos.