Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OUt and About

The last time you heard from us was when Danger Dan Fisher was sporting this haircut…

But, fear not faithful readers, Origins Unknown is still in action on and off the court.

In Reading, OU has gone 2-1 in the last 3 weeks. After an embarrassing loss to Intervale in April, OU has reeled off two impressive wins, capped by a solid 12-point victory over Kickin’ Time on Thursday.

In the Intervale loss, OU never really showed up and ended up being blown out in the second half. Strapped with only Shu down low, OU had a tough time matching up with Jim Murphy. Meanwhile, there was zero offensive flow on the other end of the court, as OU shot their way into an insurmountable hole. The second half was lackluster as well, as OU never mounted a comeback and could only watch as the Vale continued to grow the lead into bolivian.

I missed the middle game against Brian R, but have it on good authority that James “Stretch” Hogan IV scored a career high 42 en route to a 20-point win.

The Kickin’ Time game, which resulted in a free round of beer for OU, was evenly matched from a personnel standpoint. But, OU was clicking on offense and playing solid defense on the younger KT bunch. The lead was 10 in the first half, and though KT tried, there was never a serious dent made as OU hung on down the stretch.

Off the court, a couple OU players took some time to battle the elements in the Hoppin Mad Mud Run in Amesbury this past weekend. Hogan IV and Danger Dan took up the challenge and ended up muddied and bloodied, and eventually sud-ied (get it it?).

Cap’n Mike and Lil’ Cap’n Max were there to witness the tomfoolery, including the crawl through a mud pit at the end of the run - and here’s photographic evidence of the before, during and after.