Friday, October 27, 2006

OU Sets New Scoring Record

Reading, MA – Last night at the Y, with team Evans was missing two of their key starters, Origins Unknown scored a team record 107 points in just 38 minutes, lambasting their outmanned opponent by a whole lotta points (107-72ish).

Evans started out the game in a zone, and kept the score relatively close for the first half. Their top scorer, a quick-shooting guard named “Z”, torched the nets through a dizzying array of three pointers and pull ups – but he proved to be their only option. After a quick run towards the end of the half, OU increased their lead and started to pull away, thanks in large part to some very well-balanced scoring, some nice defense, and their constant fast-breaking.

The second half was where the wheels fell of for team Evans. Z was held in check, and after continuous OU pressure on offense, the game got out of hand. Shuter Patel was all over the court, collecting his teammate’s passes and depositing them in the hoop bank. (Click here for Shu's shooting performance)

With a time out called at the 6 minute mark, OU had already scored 90 points. After knocking down several more shots, Evans gave in to the foregone conclusion of an outcome, and the game was called.

OU faces off against the other first place team, the Crusty Muskets in next week’s match-up. Winner gets sole possession of first place and bragging rights until the playoffs.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

OUr Howse!

Reading, MA - Another battle royal at the Reading YMCA between Origins Unknown and Howse Corp left the teams exhausted, but OU once again on top after slugging it out, 88-78.

Howse always brings physicality to the court, and this game was no different. Richie and Dennis Curran were a few minutes late to the game, but as soon as they got laced up, they set the tone on the defensive end, and Richie also helped power the offense with his inside/outside versatility.

Meanwhile, in the first half, OU relied on a well-balanced attack that featured the uniqueness of their five players suited up in the dazzling new uniforms. In the middle, James "Stretch" Hogan IV once again defied the defense and physics by twisting and running his way to a solid performance - including some jaw-dropping spinning baseline moves. What was even more impressive was that he was doing it with a broken nose, suffered in the Monday night Stoneham league.

Also in the middle, Chris "Big" Johnson had his way with the Howse defense. Gaining great position, Big Johnson was an easy target for Cap'n Mike, "Danger" Dan Fisher, and "The Doctor" Greg Robinson, and using his position and deft touch, torched the Howse defenders with a double-digit first half total.

Howse was able to keep the lead to a minimum through hard work and some fortuitous bounces off missed shots. On numerous occasions, a long rebound would find it's way over an OU player's head and into the wide open hands of a Howse player.

OU capped off a solid first half when Danger Dan took an inbounds pass with 4 seconds and found Cap'n Mike cross court. Cap'n Mike took one dribble and hoisted a shot from 25 feet which swished through the net. The three pointer gave OU a 10 point lead at the half.(Click here for a video of D Wade that was nothing like it)

With the teams using so much energy, the second half was a little more helter-skelter. OU let Howse right back into the game after a quick three pointer and another offensive rebound and put back. OU continued to run and take advantage of some Howse defensive lapses. While Big Johnson awaited a second wind, Danger Dan and Stretch Hogan took up the slack on the offensive end. Late in the contest with the game still close, Danger Dan hit his patented mid-range pull up, Stretch Hogan had an up and under on the baseline, and the rest was history. As frustration mounted between the Howse players, OU had secured their fourth victory of the session with the win.

OU is in the midst of the toughest part of their schedule, as they will take on a dangerous Evans team next week at the Y, and follow that with another barn-burner against the also-undefeated Crusty Muskets the following week.

Friday, October 06, 2006

3 and O-ffense

Reading, MA –

The game was much more competitive than the score would indicate, but in the end Origins Unknown ran their record to 3-0, with an 88-72 win over a dangerous Chili’s team.

Coming off of his recent marathon in Portland ME, Cap’n Mike showed no ill-effects of an injured right foot and, quite frankly, torched the Chili’s for a whole-buncha-points by knocking down a boat load of three pointers and foul shots. The outside barrage opened up other scoring avenues for OU, and James “Stretch” Hogan IV and Danger Dan Fisher took full advantage by executing their mid-range assault throughout the contest.

OU did have its issues guarding the Chili’s big man, who went 6’5”ish and 290ish. He was able to post down low and get to the hole for several early buckets, but Dr. Greg Robinson and Shu-ter Patel did a formidable job keeping him in check. And, as the game wore on, OU didn’t give Chili’s a chance to catch their breath on defense, which in turn, affected their offensive execution. OU also stayed out of foul trouble, even when banging with big boy, which helped keep the floor and rotation balanced.

The game was highlighted by a late fast break, where Cap’n Mike went behind-the-back to a cutting Stretch Hogan, who finished with a dunk like this one.

720 dunk

Chili’s will be a pesky opponent for the other league teams, as they have a solid core of players featuring 1-2 big guys, one lightning fast guard (who can’t go right, but goes left like Nick Van Exel), and 2-3 mid-range guys.

Late to the contest, new OU’r Chris Johnson (we’ll get you a nickname soon) showed up with the game already in hand, and only 2 minutes left on the clock. He did make his inaugural pilgrimage to Chili’s (the restaurant, not the team) for a post-game celebratory beer, however, and is very excited about playing with the OU crew. In his debut last week, Johnson (how about “Big” Johnson – ha) led all OU scorers with 20 points in a ROUT of new league team, 6th Man. In that game, OU dominated all facets, and won by the monster margin of 92-43.

OU has a bye next week, before squaring off against Howse Corp the following week.