Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ho Ho Hoops

Newburyport, MA - Happy Hoopidays All! Did you see that comment on that post from July? That's right baby - It's a real comment from an actual reader asking for something new!

So here it is... It's been a long time since my digits hit the keyboard with the purpose of a Bloggin' and Ballin' update. Alas, I have returned. Perhaps not for the weekly recaps that you all yearn for, but I think I can get back on here once and a while and let everyone know that Origins Unknown HASN'T hung up the Creamsicles and Chuck Taylors (for the most part). We are still going strong in what is our 8th season in the 'NBA of the Reading/Wakefield area'.

The summer brought some major changes to the team. OU OB (Originial Brother) James "Stretch" Hogan IV decided to move to the beautiful state of Colorado. "I am sure Thursday's are going to be a bit strange out there," said Hogan. "Not really because I'm missing the games... but more because I'll really miss Chilis." Hogan's 7 years of dedication and service did not go unnoticed on the court or at Chilis. Once a game folks would ask where the lanky red-head was... and we even had the Chilis waitresses bummed out that he wasn't around.

But, OU marched on... to a 5-5 record in the fall. The number of close games lost was staggering, and we ultimately stumbled down the stretch to miss the playoffs by a game. The highlight of the session was a head to head win versus the eventual league champs Howse Corp. But, I digress.

Next session starts up in January, and I promise to keep the blog a little more alive.

Merry Christmas!