Friday, July 27, 2007

Hustlers Can't Hang With OU

Reading, MA - Usually, when a team shoots 2 for 13 from the foul line, and the other team shoots 11 for 13.... well - you can guess who wins. But last night at the YMCA, the team that couldn't make a charity-striper if their lives depended on it (Origins Unknown) handily beat the team that seemingly couldn't miss (Hustlers) - 84-70.

The Hustlers, to their credit, started out the game on fire. While over matched heght-wise, they shot themselves to an early 13-3 lead, by knocking down trifecta after trifecta. OU, meanwhile, was a bit rusty out of the gate and struggled for the first 4 minutes to find a flow. Backed up by 2 solid fill-ins, Craig and Nick, OU stuck to their guns and clawed their way back into the game through post-ups (Chris "Big" Johnson), threes (Cap'n Mike), cuts (James "Stretch" Hogan IV) and all-over-the-courtness (Craig and Nick). The Hustlers stayed close by getting to the line, and making some deep jumpers, but OU countered with consistent offensive pressure.

Cap'n Mike found his touch early from deep, and helped spread the court for the OU big men. Big Chris and Nick relentlessly pounded the glass, and the rest of the crew filled the lanes beautifully, to build a small lead heading into the half. The Hustlers fell even farther behind in the second half, as OU continued to apply pressure through excellent pace and ball-sharing. It was a balanced effort, with each player chipping in on the glass and running the floor. Shu Patel, back from several weeks off, was also effective after finding his legs and getting in the flow.

The second half saw several highlights from the OU bunch, including a sick between the legs, behind the back, move from Craigles (who reminds me a little of a white boy Skip 2 My Lou Click Here for Skip Highlights), and a near follow up dunk from Cap'n Mike in the closing minutes (kinda like this???....Dunk Gone Bad)

With the win, OU moves to 5-2 with one game remaining on the schedule. The quickscores web-site should be updated in the next few days, giving OU an idea of where they rank in the standings, with the playoffs around the corner.

Cap'n Mike did not make any trips to the line during the game, and remains 7 for 8 on the year.

Friday, July 20, 2007

OU Wins Throwdown With Throwbacks

Reading, MA – Origins Unknown needed a full 38 minutes to catch the scrappy Throwbacks (aka Crusty Muskets minus Dan Johnson) and put them away with a gritty come-from-behind 69-64 win. The game, which felt like an uphill battle to the OU bunch for the most part, turned into one of the better efforts from a four man crew – as they clawed and scratched their way back from a 13 point first half deficit.

The Throwbacks started out playing crisply on offense, using their experience to build a comfortable lead, while frustrating the OU guys. With Leroy Johnson leading the charge, the Throwbacks picked, rolled, hooked and shot themselves to a 10 point lead. For their part, OU was struggling to establish themselves offensively or defensively. Chris “Big” Johnson had his moments in the first half, but Cap’n Mike, James “Stretch” Hogan IV and Dr. J all missed opportunities to keep the game close.

The second half started out similarly, but OU continued to tread water, and never fall too far behind. Big Johnson was establishing better position, and scoring nearly at will, but Steve Johnson was doing the same for the Throwbacks. With about six minutes left, and OU losing the war, a series of highlights pulled the gang right back into the game. Dr. J suddenly caught fire with two jumpers, and a smooth baseline finger roll. Cap’n Mike also chipped in with two threes from the right wing, and a steal and breakaway layup. With less than 3 minutes left, the OU bunch had pulled to within 5, and the Throwbacks were clearly on the ropes. They called a time-out, and when OU came back out, they kept the pressure on defensively.

A minute later, a rebound by Big Johnson, an outlet to Cap’n Mike, and a zip pass to a cutting Stretch Hogan gave OU their first lead of the game, which they wouldn’t relinquish. Another baseline spin shot from Hogan built the lead to three, and Cap’n Mike finished them off with two free throws with 20 seconds left.

It wasn't quite this (THIS) comeback, but it was impressive.

The win builds OU’s record to 4-2, heading into next week’s match up with the Hustlers.

Cap’n Mike also made some strides from the free throw line, going 7 for 7 on the night. On the year, he is now 7 for 8.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lil' Cap'n Max To Replace Cap'n Mike?