Friday, February 16, 2007


Reading, MA – There was no telephone call. There was no email. Just a cryptic conversation with Danger Dan.

Shu-ter Patel cost Origins Unknown this time…

Instead of winning by 16, OU was only able to win by six, 60-54, against a scrappy Chili’s team. Punishment is being handed down. Shu-ter will now have to pay half of the next bar bill to atone for his laziness. If OU lost, it would have been the WHOLE bar bill.

Back to the game… It wasn’t the cleanest win that OU has seen, but in the end they did enough right to get the W. Chili’s was strapped with only four players, but those four came to play and made it tough for OU to get into rhythm. OU didn’t help the situation, with a plethora of turnovers and missed lay-ups. Keeping the game in hand was Chris “Big” Johnson, who had his best game of the young season.

OU used a balanced scoring attack, with James “Stretch” Hogan and Johnson leading the way. Danger Dan Fisher was back in the line-up after fighting off the flu last week. His ball-handling and aggressiveness was much needed against a good guard on the Chili’s team. Chili’s also made some wild shots in the face of decent defense – which seems to be a reoccurring theme for every opponent that OU faces.

OU led the entire game, but was never able to pull away due to some dismal free throw shooting. They finished the game 5 for 15 from the line, which kept things close.

Now sitting at 2-1, OU will take another week off for school vacation break, and will then return to action to take on the winless American Towers.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Struggling OU Squad Give Celtics a Gift

Reading MA – OU has experience (click here for video definition of experience), but experience isn’t helping them win games right now. Another second half collapse led to a shocking 71-70 defeat at the hands of the Celtics last night at the Reading YMCA.

OU had the game in control with less than 10 minutes left and a 12-point lead, but sloppy offense, non-existent defense and general tiredness let the Celtics back in. The teams traded punches in the early going, with both teams shooting well and keeping the score close. Shu-ter Patel led OU with a solid first half, posting up and hitting mid-range jumpers. The rest of the crew was hot and cold, making some tough shots and missing some which usually go down. The post game worked at times, but also stagnated the offense at others, taking them out of their typical free-flowing pace. Along with Shu-ter, Dr. Greg Robinson proved to be OU’s most reliable weapon on the offensive end, finishing the game well into double digits.

The Celtics countered with a balanced attack and several circus drives to the hoop by their diminutive guards. The Celtics also brought a well-rounded player into their rotation who helped balance the court and extend the defense, while contributing steadily.

The second half started out smoothly for OU, with Dr. Robinson pushing the lead into double digits almost single-handedly. James “Stretch” Hogan IV also had a nifty pick-pocket and breakaway lay-up that eventually went down. To their credit, the Celtics turned the lead around very quickly, through some crazy-ass shots, and a couple timely three pointers.

With the lead gone, OU just couldn’t turn the corner on offense. Cap’n Mike turned the ball over, and there were several errant passes to give the Celtics hope. Down by two with less than a minute left, Cap’n Mike drove across the lane and pulled up to shoot over the ever-scrappy Taz. Taz reached in slapped hand and ball, but there was no call from the deer-in-headlights ref on the baseline. Taz quickly sent the ball up court to his back court teammate Rich who took it quickly to the hole. Unfortunately for him, he was met by Chris “Big” Johnson in the air, who sent him flying onto the floor. Later referred to as “The Guy I Killed” by Johnson, Richie was on the floor for a few minutes prior to getting up and hobbling off the court. In to take his place and take the two free throws was the Celtics’ only sub. The same guy who played exactly two minutes in the first half and two minutes in the second half. The same guy that left a 7-foot jumper 3-feet short earlier in the game.

The same guy that then stepped up to the line and BURRIED both free throws to give the Celtics a four-point lead. Ouch.

OU got the ball up the court quickly and got Cap’n Mike a great look at a three pointer, but Cap’n missed yet again (I counted 5 straight second half misses). Luckily, OU corralled the rebound and found Cap’n Mike cutting to the hoop for a quick two. OU called a time out immediately, and set up the defense. Unfortunately, Taz got behind the defense for a long pass and fast break. He blew the lay-up, but the Celtics new MVP (and out of shape Eric Mangini look-alike) out-hustled OU down the court to grab the rebound and put in the follow up. Down four with less than 10 seconds left, Dr. Robinson hit a three pointer, but it was too little too late.

The loss drops OU to 1-1. Optimism is still plentiful, as there is much room for improvement both in execution and fitness, and there are still lots of minutes left to play.