Sunday, March 14, 2010

OT Win for OU = Five In A Row

Reading, MA – Origins Unknown reeled off their fifth straight win in exciting fashion Thursday night, nipping a strong Howse team 87-85 in overtime. The game was one of the toughest fought battles of the year, with both teams scratching and clawing on every possession, and could have gone either way. The win splits the season series for the two teams, and also moves them (along with the Muskets) into a tie for the final two playoff spots at 6-4.

The biggest challenge for OU was the play of Howse big man, Chris Pizzotti, who currently spends time off the court as a back-up NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers -

Yep, you read that right. The Harvard star (and a nice kid), goes 6'5" and was the best athlete out there by a bunch. But, it was the last play in overtime where James "Stretch" Hogan IV's out-jumped Pizzotti to steal the ball (and prevent a game-tying attempt) that ended up being the most athletic play of the game.

Howse was playing without a few regulars, but used two of the old Hustlers players to fill the void - including their former big man. OU was without Big Dan again, so it was up to Hogan, Patel and Cap'n Mike to guard both Howse bigs - even though they gave up a ton of size. The first half started out at a frantic pace, with the teams both using effort to score. OU started out a bit slow, as Howse pounded the offensive glass, and contained them defensively. But, Shu-ter Patel landed a couple jumpers, and Hogan found his spots in the paint to keep OU within range. Meanwhile, Danger Dan Fisher and Jonesy were up and down the court at blurring speed - only to be matched by the Howse guards. As the half came to a close, and the teams locked in a two-point battle, it was clear that the game would come down to the wire.

Howse opened the second half with a strong run, and OU's typical second half slide in tight games seemed inevitable. Howse had built a double-digit lead, but with about ten minutes left in the game, OU went on a run of their own, spurred Hogan and Cap'n Mike and the lead for Howse quickly vanished.

As the game wore on, the defense got tougher, and baskets became harder to come by. With under 30 seconds left, a behind the back pass from Cap'n barely found Hogan streaking down the court, and Red found a way to score, giving two-point lead with six seconds remaining. With their defense set, Howse went right to Pizzotti, who came down and missed but followed his own shot for the put-back and foul as the buzzer sounded. He went to the line with a chance to win, but due to the presence of the Creamsicles, he back-rimmed the shot to force OT.

Howse scored the first basket in OT, but OU and Hogan controlled the rest of the three-minute session through tough-nosed D and opportunistic O.

Playoff scenarios are still being determined, and Bloggin' and Ballin' will update you as soon as I have new information.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Creamsicles Help Get 4th Straight Win

Reading, MA - Two teams headed in opposite directions met at the Reading YMCA "Theatre of Hoops" this Thursday, as Origins Unknown continued their dominance of Stiffler's Mom 56-36. Keys to the game included an amazing defensive effort by OU, and the follow-up performance by the Creamsicles.

Neither team was able to get much of a rhythm going over the course of the night, but OU is clearly playing better at this point in the season, and owned both ends for much of the game. With all six OU'rs suited up, there were plenty of line-up options. Each member did their part and stepped up offensively, while playing lock down defense and rebounding consistently. In fact, SM only managed 16 first half points and found themselves in an early 8-point hole, which they blamed on the flaming orange shoes (and several empty trips up the court).

Brian Jones once again made halftime adjustments from the bench, and OU jumpshots started falling a little more consistently, leading to a double-digit lead. The game would have been a complete blowout if OU had made even half of their free thows. Luckily, the numerous misqueues didn't affect the outcome, as OU cruised to an easy win.

The victory was OU's 4th in 4 games and moved them back into playoff contention with one week remaining on the schedule. The final week match-up will be a rematch with a strong Howse Corp team.

Cap'n Mike is working on getting the entire OU bunch suited up the KDII Creamsicles.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Creamsicles Spark Win

Reading, MA - Origins Unknown used the momentum of Cap'n Mike's new Creamsicles to blast a short-handed Kickin' Time 76-56 last week at the Reading YMCA, and move back to .500 on the session.

The "Creamsicles" are the Cap's new Nike shoes - specifically the KDII in bright orange (And, I mean bright).

The shoes caused a stir before the game even started, as some of the Warriors players gawked at the sheer brilliance of their glow - while still playing their own game. And, as Jonesy and Danger Dan Fisher walked in the gym, they simply stared and shook their heads.

Once the game got underway, Kickin' Time faced an uphill fight due to the loss of their big man, and one of their slick guards. They may have also been in awe of the Creamsicles as they bounded up and down the court like a neon gazelle.

OU was able to run a lead of 5 to 12 points throughout much of the half. Birthday Boy James Stretch Hogan IV and Jonesy seemed to simply outpace KT. OU rebounded well, and was able to push the pace enough to knock KT onto their heels as the half wound down. If not for a quick run to end the half, and some hard luck misses by OU - the damage could have been much worse.

Big Dan Rasanen went to work in the second half, and immediately asserted himself on the low block. After 7 straight points by Big Dan, the game started to spiral out of reach for KT. Meanwhile, OU didn't let up and the attack left no doubt in the outcome.

The win sets OU up with an outside chance at the playoffs, as they take on an always-stingy Stiffler's Mom next week.