Friday, September 28, 2007

Child's Play

Reading, MA – Origins Unknown took on league newcomer Intervale last night at the YMCA, but it was a rude first meeting, as OU routed the new crew 76-54 in front of friends and family. Flanked by future OU stars Soren Patel and Lil’ Cap’n Max, it was sometimes tough to tell who was having more fun (the little kids or the middle aged kids), as OU put on a show on their way to a 3-0 record.

OU, which has looked consistent and confident over the past three games, once again showed up in full force as all six members suited up. Everyone in “Columbia Blue” seemed ready to roll, as they jumped out to a quick lead that they would never relinquish. The first half saw OU breaking down the Intervale 2-2 zone, through excellent high post play by Chris “Big” Johnson, and some early outside shooting. Highlighted by a Cap’n Mike to James “Stretch” Hogan IV alley-oop, and constant pressure by Danger Dan Fisher, OU also used their quickness and pace to leave Intervale in the dust.

Dr. J Greg Robinson and Shu-ter Patel also made their presence known, as the six OUrs seamlessly interchanged positions and baffled the Intervale squad with their positional flexibility. Everyone handled the ball, ran the point, and dished the rock throughout the game (Even Dr. J and Big Johnson!)… The game was simply never in doubt. There is not much more to say!

OU now gets their first bye of the session. Cap’n Mike was 1-2 from the line, which leaves him 12 for 14 on the season.

Here are the game pictures, courtesy of Mrs. Cap’n Deanna...

Stretch Stretches Out For a Fingertip Dunk

Dr. J Shoots The Technical

Cap'n Mike Gets Ready To Shake and Bake

Danger Dan With the Sweet Stroke

Shu-ter Shootin'

Lil' Cap'n Max for Two

Friday, September 21, 2007

Leaving No dOUbt

Reading, MA – In front of a small crowd of their peers - and with plenty of emotion emanating from everyone in the gym - Origins Unknown and the Crusty Muskets once again engaged in an epic showdown that went down to the wire. This time around, with the full OU squad present and a big game from Chris “Big” Johnson, they held their ground and held off the gritty Musket bunch for the statement win.

Both teams were scheduled to play other – much different - opponents, until a late notice change by the league office earlier in the week. While OU typically sticks to their run and gun style, they knew that it would be more of a down and dirty battle with the veteran crybaby crew. The Muskets, however brought back their big man Doug, and as well as a strong young point guard to change their own tempo as well.

The game started in typical fashion, with the Muskets having a tough time finding easy shots, and OU getting out to an early lead through their energy and quickness. Cap’n Mike was stuck on Leroy Johnson like gum on a shoe, while Big Johnson was definitely holding his own against the CM big guy. Offensively, the ball was being spread around the court with precision by OU. Lots of cuts, backdoors, and movement left CM with their hands on their knees and OU with a slight lead. Big Johnson was also doing his part here, posting up and generally being a force on the offensive and defensive glass. Towards the end of the half, with OU sporting a three point lead, Cap’n Mike brought the ball down the court and found a wide open Shu-ter Patel for a three. Patel just rimmed out the shot, but Danger Dan Fisher flew in and tipped the ball back to James “Stretch” Hogan IV, who found Cap’n Mike for a momentum building three pointer as time wound down.

In the second half, the Muskets were never quite able to get over the hump, as OU fought off the pressing defense and rebounded very well. The offense continued to be spread from man to man, with CM unable to focus on any one player. As the crowd built, frustration started to build as well. There was a Musket technical foul, as well as plenty of grabbing and complaining from both sides. Meanwhile, OU was willing themselves to victory through sheer effort - offensive rebounds being key. With time winding down, the Muskets had to go to foul mode, and for the most part, OU made them pay from the stripe. A steal at the end of the game sealed the win, and vaulted OU to 2-0 for the session.

Cap’n Mike ended the night 9-10 from the line, and is now 11-12 on the session.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

OU Avoids Off-Season Hangover

Reading, MA - While OU dominated the Free Agents in their opening night match-up 88-63, there were several side stories to be told including one player who found his left hand, and another who found his way to the bar before the game - only to show up and drop twenty points.

The Free Agents arrived with their big, bald center in tow this time, and in the first half actually kept the game relatively close. OU was plagued by a slow start, which saw plenty of open shots, but also plenty of misses. The FA bunch countered by giving their all, and keeping the score respectable. The big man was serviceable, and the supporting cast actually threw in some impressive, but blind, shots. The first half ended with a FA run, as they closed the gap 39-33. OU swaggered off the court clearly in control, but with less of a lead than anticipated.

The second half was owned by OU, as they came out guns a blazin. In less than 2 minutes, OU scored 12 points and quickly pushed the lead into the high teens. Who was doing the dirty work? Everyone. Cap'n Mike was passing and scoring with his left hand - dropping some picturesque assists along the way. Danger Dan Fisher was slashing to the hole in typical fashion, while also hitting 10-12 free throws.

In addition to the back-court effort, Shu-ter Patel, fresh off an early day booze cruise and bar stop was mixing inside/out concoctions on the court. James "Stretch" Hogan IV and Dr. J Greg Robinson also spread the offensive load, as OU ran away, never to turn back.

OU moves to 1-0, while the Free Agents take up their annual spot at the bottom of the standings. OU takes on the ever-improving Hustlers team next week. Cap'n Mike started off the season 2-2 from the line.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Clean Slate... OU Fall Season Starts Thursday