Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fallin' Hard

Reading, MA - In the above video caught by paparazi at Jay Peak in Northern VT, Cap'n Mike gives surfing a shot... the results are pretty much as you'd expect for an nonathletic athletic guy like the Cap'n. Much like the Cap'n in the video, Origins Unknown fell hard this week at the Reading Center. OU and Stifflers Mom locked horns in a mid-season battle, and while OU played hard, the crew never quite overcame a slow start and eventually lost, 66-63.

The game followed the recent trend of unreasonably poor first half shooting for OU. With both Cap'n and Pistol Pete Gray clanging jumpers off the YMCA rims, Stifflers took advantage to jump out to a double digit lead. The Stiffler's lead was built through balanced inside and outside scoring, as Kevin P anchored the post and the athletic guards patrolled the three point line.

Match-ups like this prove to be toughest for OU, as they are typically more of a perimeter oriented team, and tend to play more of a finesse game. OU 'bigs', Shu-ter Patel and Pat Two-Point Murray did their best to box out the bigger SM bunch, but their opponents were tenacious on the offensive glass at times. OU finished the half treading water, and found themselves in a hole with only 20 minutes remaining.

OU came out of the halftime break with a bit of fire in their belly, and after a timeout in which they reiterated that they should work the ball around on every possession, the squad proceeded to - you got it - go three straight trips up the court with zero passes! It was hard to be upset with the play however, as Shu-ter Patel, Danger Dan Fisher and Pistol Pete all hit their shots and dropped the lead below 10 for the first time since the beginning of the game.

After a technical foul on Stifflers, and a couple additional free throws on an ensuing trip, OU cut the deficit to 4. They would actually pull closer as the clock wound down, but missed a late three to tie, and ultimately ran out of time as a 3/4 court shot sailed comfortably away from the miracle they needed.

The loss brings OU back to .500 in the league, with an upcoming game against Millwall. Cap'n was 5-6 from the line during the game, and now sits at 12 for 16 on the year.


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