Saturday, January 14, 2012

OU Stumbles In First Test

Reading, MA - Origins Unknown was back on the court this past week at the Reading Superduper Dome for their first game of the winter session. Unfortunately, they were matched up against a gritty Muskets team that is no longer quite as 'crusty', but are certainly still able to get under OU's skin.

The game felt competitive throughout, even as the Muskets pulled away by 20+ points for the win. The combination of 3 big Musket bodies, and some cold shooting by the OU bunch ultimately led to the loss. It was the first game back for Pat "toe the line" Murray, who didn't disappoint as he came off the bench to drain his first shot... which was OF COURSE a long 2 with his right toe on the three-point line! Poetic, theatrical, ironic? All of the above!

The game itself was a bit of a slugfest, which saw OU - a more finesse team - taken to town on the blocks. For their part, OU was able to keep the game tight in the first half, but was relying on jumpshots too often. The Muskets on the other end, had a balanced inside/outside attack that allowed them to slowly build the lead to double-digits at the end of the first half.

The second half saw OU keeping it close through some nice shooting by Pistol Pete Gray, even though he seemed to have Musket defenders draped on him at all times. When Pete wasn't able to find his range, the other OUrs contributed sporadically, but not consistently enough to get it under 10.

For the first game back after a month off, the OU bunch didn't leave too distraught as they ease their way back into league play. Next week they will get the services of new Dad Kevin Bekier back, and consistency should start to return as the weekly 'grind' of the season continues. As Danger Dan Fisher said after the loss over a cold one at Chili's, "It's early. We'll be fine." It isn't known, however, if he was referring to the team's progress - or the amount of beers they were attempting to consume that night.

Cap'n Mike was 1-2 from the line.


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