Sunday, March 30, 2008

Makin' Moves

Reading, MA - Origins Unknown equalled Wilt's 100 point output Thursday night at the YMCA, blowing out the Hustlers 100-78 in a game that featured more offense than defense. The game was a running affair, as OU took the court with a slight, but energetic foursome - and their "shoot-first, ask-questions-later" mentality certainly worked to their benefit.

The Hustlers, the defending league champs, were missing their lock down defenders - but OU, was missing their own "big 3" (Shu-ter Patel, Dr. J Robinson, and Chris "big" Johnson). So, while the Hustlers bested OU in their finals match-up last session, this game would be a different story. To fill in, OU picked up Craig "flow-motion" Andrews, a quick guard with a tendency to unleash highlight-reel plays when he shows up.

OU started out a bit cold, but maintained a small lead for the first 10 minutes, as both teams traded punches. As OU started to take control through running and ball-sharing, it seemed the only thing that could derail them was potential foul trouble. And, with eight minutes left, that's exactly what happened as James "Stretch" Hogan IV picked up his third foul defending the Hustlers big man. But, OU adjusted, and as Cap'n Mike moved over in Hogan's place - OU didn't really miss a beat. Nearing the end of the half, Andrews had one of the hardest blocks in recent memory, as he sent a hustler's drive flying into the gym's tin siding 15 feet away. On the other end, the constant offensive pressure by all four players allowed OU to build a double-digit halftime lead.

The Hustlers made a small run to start the second half, as their big man established himself against Cap'n Mike. But OU stayed on top, and continued to push the ball and find the open players. Danger Dan Fisher abused his defender trip after trip, and the Hustlers had a hard time settling on defensive match-ups that didn't leave them vulnerable. With 100 points in sight, OU decided not to let up and hit the century mark with plenty of time to spare. Scoring was equally spread, with each player dropping about 20 points over the course of the game.

The win gives OU a more-respectable 5-3 record for the session with two games remaining on the schedule.

Monday, March 24, 2008

China Cuisine's Fortune: Go Home

Reading, MA – It was an old fashioned offense party Thursday night at the Reading YMCA, as OU returned to form with a 85-58 butt whoopin of China Cuisine. The OU Crew had a bounce in their step and pressed the tempo offensively, while also picking up the energy on the defensive end.

China Cuisine, formerly Chili’s, was without some of their key players, but suited up with a solid bunch and certainly must have anticipated a much closer game then what they got. The offensive explosion was keyed by a double digit three pointer total between Shu-ter Patel and Cap’n Mike. With the long range game in full swing, CC had a difficult time keeping their spirits up. After the first few minutes of the second half, it was clear that their will was broken.

Dr. J Greg Robinson lit up his own version of the victory cigar, when he drove baseline for his signature up and under scoop shot. The move was cheered throughout the ‘arena’, as OU was enjoying the show.

Five teams are now locked up at 4-3 on the session, and next up, OU faces one of those teams, Hustler. The game will help move one of the teams out of the log jam in the standings.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Twin Towers Too Much for OU

Reading, MA - Origins Unknown was undermanned and over-matched by a veteran Crusty Muskets team Thursday night, but still managed to battle their old rivals to the bitter end, losing a hard fought contest 75-60.

Without the services of James "Stretch" Hogan IV and Danger Dan Fisher, OU came to play with just four players, each of whom gave it their all for 40 minutes. Unfortunately, the Muskets had a nearly full compliment of their own crew, including their own version of the "twin towers", which gave OU fits all night down low.

From the outset, OU did all they could to sabotage any chance that they had of keeping the game tight. An icy cold start dropped them in an early 15-1 hole out of the gate. Cap'n Mike was forcing some offense, while the Muskets countered with patience - establishing a low post presence immediately. A new addition to the Muskets is a rather athletic and wide 6'3" power forward. He seems to be having no trouble getting shots when needed, and kept Dr. J Greg Robinson and Shu-ter Patel on their toes defensively. Finally, OU got their game legs underneath them, and started to play the Muskets more evenly. The unorthodox line-up led to some interesting defensive match-ups that OU tried and tried to exploit. Chris "Big" Johnson had his hands full with the Muskets excellent big man Doug Diesel, which typically left Ralphie Numbnuts or Scrappy McMustache guarding Cap'n Mike or Patel. With the mismatches in place, OU made a conscious effort to get these two in the post for one on one action. The strategy seemed to work, as both players had their way with the shorter Muskets on the low blocks. As the half wound down, OU tried to get the lead to single digits, but a tough pass led to a turnover and the difference stayed at 10.

The second half was something to be proud of for the OU bunch. The fantastic four came out determined to keep the game close and get back in it basket by basket. The plan worked as Johnson, Robinson and Patel each made huge shots to cut into the deficit. After a series of defensive stops, Cap'n Mike drained a long three to cut the lead to three with 12 minutes remaining. Another steal a few seconds later had OU rushing up the court with a chance to cut it to one, or tie, but a Cap'n Mike three rimmed out. The Muskets seized the chance to gain back control and after a fortuitous bounce off of a missed jump shot, Ralphie Numbnuts found himself staring at a wide open three pointer which rattled around and found the bottom of the net.

That would be the closest OU would get, as the Muskets again went to work down low and get the lead back up with minutes remaining.

The loss leaves OU standing at a mediocre 3-3 on the season with some tough games remaining on the schedule. Next up is China Cuisine (formerly Chili's) at 7:00 next Thursday. The Muskets, meanwhile, remain perfect on the season with a 6-0 record and appear to be the team to beat in the league.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

A** Kickin

Reading, MA - Origins Unknown used a balanced attack and some sweet twine-tickling by Shu-ter Patel to overwhelm an undermanned Evans team Thursday night 90-67.

It wasn't the prettiest match-up that these storied teams have had over the years. OU was blessed with all six players suited up, while Evans only showed with four players. Evans did have a great shooter to help keep the OU bunch on their toes, but the game was never in question after the tip - Patel made sure of that. With seven threes in the game, Patel was lights out from the perimeter, helping to spread the floor and balance the attack for the rest of the team.

With OU cruising, James "Stretch" Hogan IV had a memorable fast break turn funny when he coiled, then exploded for a dunk...ish attempt. The effort came up just short (maybe six inches), and gave everyone involved a chuckle. This video will give you an idea of what happened... (Click Here)

While OU was getting offensive contributions from everyone, Evans was busy setting a modern-day record for three point attempts. Unfortunately, if that is your strategy and you only have one shooter (and he is getting smothered by Danger Dan Fisher), then your chances ain't good. OU meanwhile, saw Dr. J Greg Robinson's signature baseline scoop shot... Cap'n Mike's screen and, Chris "Big" Johnson's pu-pu platter of post moves. Throw in Fisher's mid range game and Hogan's typical production around the rim, and you get a blow out.

OU moves to 3-2 on the season with next week's much-anticipated game against The Crusty Muskets. The Muskets lead the league with a perfect 5-0 record but have had a tough time with OU in the past.