Monday, April 28, 2008

OU Update

Newburyport, MA - To all of my faithful readers... My apologies for not updating the blog with a story on our resounding first round win last week. You see, I spilled coffee on my keyboard Saturday morning, and the darn thing only wants to type "qqqqqqqqqqqqqqq". So, it wasn't possible to type up how we dominated the Warriors en route to a 74-49 thumping. All anyone needs to know is that the team came together and played hard for 40 minutes. It was a balanced offensive and defensive attack which left the once "Ultimate Warriors" slammed to the proverbial mat.

Next up is #2 Howse Corp on Thursday night...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Ultimate Warriors

Reading, MA – Cap’n Mike left the Reading YMCA Super Dome after Thursday night’s game with a bruised underarm, a bruised butt, and a bruised ego. And, it was safe to say that the rest of the Origins Unknown crew was feeling equally beat up – even though none were in the same amount of ‘pain’ as Dr. J Robinson. OU was able to withstand the torrid first half shooting of the Warriors during the early match-up, but they couldn’t keep pace in the second half, falling to their opponents by double digits. It was a frustrating game for all, as the shots simply were not falling for one team – but dropping like rain from their opponents.

Here is a video of the Warriors practicing before the game.

OU started out neck and neck with the Warriors, as Cap’n Mike had a hot start to begin the game. He was able to create space with the help of screens and find his range early, knocking down a few three pointers, before setting up his defender for a sweet back-door lay-up combination with Danger Dan Fisher. The lead changed hands often, but the Warriors seemed to be having the shooting game of their careers, and it just... didn’t… let…. up. One player in particular made multiple jumpers and three pointers with defenders bearing down on him and hands waiving in his face. And when he wasn’t hitting, their feisty point guard or other mid-range guy were stepping up. OU was hanging tough with the help of James “Stretch” Hogan IV, Fisher, and the return of Chris “Big” Johnson. Hogan found his way to the hole often, as all players tried to break the shooting streak. The first half ended with the teams in a virtual dead lock at 39-38.

Something strange happened in the second half… OU kept the game close for the first 13 minutes, but cannot quite recall how. Shots were not dropping across the board. Cap’n Mike had a nice out of bounds play result in a three pointer, Johnson had a nice spot up jumper, and a nice post play, but no other offensive plays stick out. Cap’n Mike, Fisher and Shu-ter Patel simply could not find the range on their jump shots, and as the game went on – the shots became more and more forced and out of flow. OU seemed to fall into a scenario where they lacked patience on just about every trip up the court, while on the other end; the Warriors continued their ridiculous shooting from the field AND the line. With less than 2 minutes left, the lead had grown to 10, and OU would get no closer – eventually calling the game with a minute left, and a 13 point defecit.

It was agreed afterwards that the Warriors had probably shot 65% from the field, which dooms just about anyone not named North Carolina.

The crushing loss sends OU back to the middle of the pack at 5-4 with one game remaining on the schedule. Next week, they have a bye before a make-up game the following week.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dr. Headed To The Doctor

Wilmington, MA - Origins Unknown lost a soldier this week. Veteran sharp shooter and sneaky up-and-under finger-roller, Dr. J Greg Robinson is out indefinitely with a torn quadriceps muscle. "I am bummed out, but will recover. Keep winning," said Dr. J.

The injury will require surgery this week, and weeks/months of recovery. Always the consummate pro, Dr. J promised to attend some of the games and root on the squad when time permits.