Friday, February 19, 2010


Reading, MA – Origins Unknown finally ended their three-game skid with two wins in the past two weeks. This first victory saw OU take out the Warriors 78-52, and the second saw them stomp The Replacements by 30+ points (which is hard to verify, since the scorer stopped keeping score when it was 46-16). The wins keep OU well out of the league cellar, but leaves much work to be done if a playoff spot is to be attained.

Neither game was much to write home about, but here are the highlights, in no particular order:

1. OU storms out to a 15-2 lead against the Warriors, using solid defense and lightning quick offensive pressure by Brian Jones.
2. Shu-ter Patel shows he’s more than a shooter when he uses all his dribbling skills to bring the ball up the court against The Replacements, but subsequently turns it over.
3. Against The Replacements, Cap’n Mike throws 3 straight passes over the head or out of the reach of James “Stretch” Hogan IV, but makes up for it with 3 straight blocks on the defensive end.
4. Jonesy and Hogan execute a fast break which ends in a 18 foot-high alley-oop pass that finally comes down after 3 defenders rush to break it up like a Hail Mary.
5. Big Dan Rasanen returns to action, bringing wife and his newest addition to cheer on the OU bunch.

Around the rest of the league, Intervale continues to dominate the regular season after strong wins over the Muskets and Kickin' Time in recent weeks. Meanwhile, Howse has moved into a tie for second place after a solid win over Kickin' Time and Stiffler's Mom in consecutive weeks.

OU's victories give them a 3-4 record, as they get ready to start a must-win stretch of games with a rematch against Kickin’ Time next week.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

No Shame In This Game

Reading, MA -This past Thursday, at the ArthurBLordDome, Origins Unknown lost a wickedly-close game to the Crusty Muskets that they seemed to have no business being in. The chips were stacked against them in almost every area. They only had 4 players, while the Muskets had 6. The 4 OUr's included exactly ZERO post players. One of the Crusty Musket pickups for the game was a player who played D1 ball, and who had worked out for the Philadelphia 76ers D League team. And, did I mention that we had 4 guys and no post players?

But in true heart-breaking OU fashion, the guys played one of the gutsiest games in their franchise's history - almost pulling off a gigantic shocker - only to lose the game in the final minute.

CM's line-up was solid throughout, led by post up menace Tommy and the inside/outside game of their big-baller sub, Mike Lush originally from Saugus (home of the Sachems AND the Lanzillis!). The first 5 minutes seem to go according to script, as CM pounded the ball down low and OU struggled to find the early range. Danger Dan Fisher wisely piped up that we could not keep up the same pace and expect to stay in the game. So, OU slowed it down a bit and the more methodical approach started to pay dividends. Cap'n Mike dialed in some long-distance doozies, Jonesy found open air where he made slashing drives, Fisher worked the mid-range, and Shu-ter Patel showed his freakish arm length while anchoring the paint. Things were going well, and OU turned the deficit into a 2-point lead at the half as Fisher found Cap'n Mike for a three-ball with less than two seconds left. CM was stunned, but it certainly would not be for long.

Braced for a certain CM run in the second half, OU did their best to stay close, and actually put a little cushion in their lead midway through the half when Patel drained a top-of-the-key three pointer. CM was frustrated, but it was clear that their slashing sub Lush could get to the hole at will - and he continued to assert himself - including a nifty up and under double pump going under the basket left to right. CM clawed back into the game after one of the only Musket regulars, Leroy Johnson, nailed his own three pointers in succession.

With the lead gone, the game became a defensive battle, and after Jones found Nolan for a wide-open three to give OU their last lead, there were no more bullets in their gun. CM's Mike once again drove to the hoop, drawing contact and nailing his free throws - while OU dealt with two unforced turnovers on their final two trips up the court.

The loss drops OU to a disappointing 1-4 record, with five games left on the slate. Big congrats to the NOLA Saints!!