Friday, December 07, 2007

Reading, MA - Origins Unknown kicked the bejeezus out of the Free Agents at the Reading YMCA last night, delivering a session-high scoring output of 103 points, while holding their opponents to a total of 59.

Both teams sported only four players... but OU did have the four best players on the court for most of the game. The offense was spurred by Shu-ter Patel and James "Stretch" Hogan IV, who found themselves open for an uncountable number of open layups and drives. The typical play was; FA missed shot. Chris "Big" Johnson rebound. Outlet pass to Cap'n Mike. Three dribbles up the court. Pass to open Shu-ter or Hogan. Bucket. Repeat.

The Free Agents gave it their best shot, specifically a skinny Andrew Dice Clay-looking, Reggie Miller-esque floppin' old timer who made Cap'n Mike look bad on a number of occasions. He managed to score 22 of his team's 26 points in the first half, which prompted a defensive switch, and left Mike annoyed at his own ineptitude.

In the second half, OU once again ran circles around the Free Agents. It was safe to say that each of the OU crew had at least a double-double, and Johnson may well have ended up with a triple-double.

The win ends OU's most successful recent regular season. And, with a 9-1 record, OU will be the #1 seed heading into the playoffs - with an impending match up with either The Hustlers (4 seed) or The Muskets (5 seed).

Cap'n Mike didn't get to the line in this game, and finishes the session 25-33 (76%).