Friday, September 22, 2006

A Win Is A Win

Reading, MA – Origins Unknown started the defense of their YMCA league basketball Thursday night, in a sloppy – but ultimately victorious – game versus the Warriors. The final 13 point win was hardly indicative of the rustiness felt by the OU bunch. Find the selected Dan Fisher highlight here - (Danger Dan Clip).

The air was a bit different in the musty, dusty old gym as the teams warmed up. This would be the first session that OU would enter without the services of hall-of-famer Peter “backwards 4 muscle” Martin.

Even with a hint of sadness floating around, the season got off to a fresh start as OU unveiled their slick new jerseys to a chorus of oohs and ahhs. The jerseys felt a little uncomfortable compared to the originals, but are sure to break in over time. OU jumped out to an early lead, but was strugglliillling (Broadway Joe Clip) on offense.

Cap’n Mike missed his first 23 wide open three-point attempts, while Danger Dan Fisher, James “Stretch” Hogan IV, and Shu-ter Patel also took a while to find their grooves.

The highlight of the game happened in the first 5 minutes, when Cap’n Mike found a streaking Danger Dan for an alley oop lay-up over a back pedaling Warrior defender. OU continued running and built a comfortable 8 point lead in the first half. While the game was never in jeopardy, the Warriors did play a solid game, moving well without the ball, and making some tough buckets underneath. For their part, OU spread the scoring out, with Stretch getting to the hole, Danger Dan doing his mid-range thang, and Shu-ter knocking down shots from the inside and outside.

The second half got a little too close for comfort, as the Warriors got to within 4 points with about 10 minutes left. From there, Cap’n Mike finally made a couple outside shots, and OU pushed the tempo – and the lead – back up. With less than 2 minutes left on the clock, OU started to get sloppy, but with the Warriors unable to capitalize, the game was called.

Next week, OU battles new blood when they face 6th Man, who won their inaugural league game last night.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Old School Win

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Reading, MA - All WAS right in the world last night, as Origins Unknown successfully defended their Reading YMCA League Championship by out-hustling, out-gritting, out-running and out-scoring the Crusty Muskets 69-62.

The first half started out routinely enough, with OU building a small lead through some long-distance boom-goes-the dynamite from Cap'n Mike (Video Clip Here), as well as a barrage of cuts and buckets from Danger Dan Fisher and James "Stretch" Hogan IV. Shu-ter Patel also came in and made his presence known by posting up Lil' Ralphie and then taking him outside for a three of his own. But, overall the game was about defense and rebounding from the tip. For OU, Dr. Greg Robinson took the task early of covering the deadly Leroy Johnson. Dr. Greg did a phenominal job keeping the shooter in check, and held him to a season-low 12 points. OU also crashed the boards hard, often battling only each other for the loose rock. OU was able to build a 10-point lead with minutes left in the half, but some sloppy passing and defense let CM creep back within 4 at the break.

Leroy Johnson came out of the halftime break and hit a post-up turnaround, cutting the OU lead to 2, but that was as close as they would get for the remainder of the game. Danger Dan simply took the OU bunch on his back for the next 10 minutes, scoring nearly at will against the banged up Muskets. With a 10 point lead and only a few minutes left on the clock, OU started to get to the line. Unlike some past performances, the entire OU squad stepped up to the plate and converted 15 of 19 charity-stripers during the game. Both teams battled poor calls and no calls throughout the contest, but OU was able to keep their composure, while CM never quite got their rhythm.

The win gives OU back-to-back championships, and four total, in six sessions. The post game celebration was held at the upscale Chili's of Reading, where OU proudly sipped the golden drink of champions and turned their focus to defending their title in the fall. As Ron Burgundy said in Anchorman, "We've been coming to the same party for 12 years now - and in no way is that depressing..."

If anyone reading this needs a long-sleeve YMCA League champions tee shirt, shoot me an email - we're running out of room for all of the ones we keep winning!